Top Five Tips for Wall Graphics

It is a universal truth that businesses like to make their mark. We have all become used to seeing logos, imagery and products displayed on walls across High Street interiors and exteriors. Wall graphics are common in bars, restaurant chains and other hospitality spaces too but it doesn’t stop there. Corporate organisations are Increasingly buying into physical branding with wall graphics celebrating their visions and values for staff, for example. Everyone needs to guide visitors through their sites and buildings with maps, arrows and directions. Why put graphics on your wall? There are a multitude of possible reasons, which brings us on to the first tip.

Be clear of your wall graphic goal: There’s no point denying it. Wall graphics can leave us underwhelmed sometimes. They might prompt a shrug or, worse, not be noticed at all.  In these cases, it’s likely that, in designing them, decisions were fudged somewhere. Without a clear goal, or with a set of competing goals, ideas get fuzzy and the overall impact of a wall graphic can weaken. It is always preferable to start any wall graphic project knowing exactly what you want to achieve, above and beyond looking great. 
Once you have settled on a clear goal, it is worth doing some research into the proposed location. 

Know your walls: Any reputable printing firm should propose a solution that is perfect for the host wall but, of course, every project is different. It can save time and effort to know exactly what surface you’re considering adding graphics to. From painted and plastered walls through concrete, glass, ceramics to steel and aluminium, they all have unique characteristics and need different solutions.

wall signage graphics

Think about size: The team at Revolution includes experts at measuring for wall graphics, so you don’t need to worry about getting the detail right. It is useful, though, to have a clear idea of how big, or small, you want the result before talking to us. Are you covering an entire wall? A small corner? Take photos, maybe, and draw some rough sketches. We can always advise.

Know your brand guidelines: Before commissioning any wall graphics, check if your business or organisation has any brand rules that print work needs to comply with. Fonts, colours and imagery and other style issues are often policed to keep everything consistent across offices and branches, for example. Installing wall graphics that don’t fit, and need replacing, can prove a costly mistake.

Work in partnership with experts: The design, print and installation of wall graphics is an increasingly complex process. Technology develops at a pace. PVC and fabric banners, vinyl decals, lightboxes and countless other options can feel bewildering. The good news is a good supplier, like Revolution, can guide you through the process by forming a genuine sense of partnership. Before embarking on a wall graphics project, it is worth finding a supplier you can trust.