What is Large Format Printing and Its Purposes?

If you’re into design, you’ve likely heard of large format printing. This blog will discuss what large format printing is and what it’s used for.

Large format printing is one of the many printing methods around. This printing method is also commonly referred to as wide format printing, and one would need a specialised printer for these types of designs. But what is large format printing?

Large format printing is a method that involves printing a design larger than your average dimensions. Since large format printing can’t happen with standard printers, you’ll need equipment specialised for it.

There are several reasons why one would use a large format printing method, and there are different types of specialised printers that are compatible with this method. Keep reading to learn more about large format printing and banner printing near me!


What are Large Format Prints Used For?

You might wonder why a company or person would need designs bigger than your usual prints. Although it may seem as though regular-sized graphics are more than enough, there are specific instances where bigger is better.

To Create an Eye-Catching Focal Point

One of the primary functions of large format prints is to ensure they’re near impossible to miss! Think about the “50% off” or “on-sale” signs you see outside store windows in a mall. Those signs are large format printed (typically in bright red) to make sure that no one misses these signs.

This printing method is generally only used if there’s something really important that businesses don’t want the public to miss, like a sale or a new product/service. By creating a focal point that likely won’t go unnoticed, it sways people to pay attention to what the sign or banner says.

To Advertise or Market Something

If a company has just opened up and they want to get the word around and increase brand awareness/recognition, they’ll use large format printed banners to showcase their launch. Using large format prints is an excellent way for companies to market their brand and what services or products they’ll offer.

If you use large format prints for marketing purposes, it’s essential to remember to include important information like contact details and the company logo. Since a standard commercial printer won’t work for this method, you’ll need to use a roll-to-roll or flatbed printer.

Large Format Prints are Widely Used at Exhibitions

In places like exhibitions where it gets quite busy, and people’s attention is in several places; using this printing method for your banners and stands is a foolproof way to draw focus to your signage.

Since exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, etc., have numerous other banners and signs that are also looking to grab everyone’s attention, having a large format printed sign or stand can aid in guaranteeing that your brand doesn’t go unnoticed or fade into a background of several other banners!

Advantages of Large Format Printing

There are a handful of ways that large format signage can benefit a business. Besides one of the main advantages being that people will notice the large graphic and make a mental note of it (consciously or not), there are numerous other ways a business can benefit from it.

Large Format Signage Boosts Brand Awareness

Since one of the primary purposes of large format prints is to capture attention, it’s no surprise that it does a fantastic job at increasing brand awareness and recognition. This brand awareness can spread to potential clients and customers, which may ultimately boost your sales and grow the company.

Large Format Prints are Durable

Given that large format prints are often for outdoor usage, the manufacturers keep the wear and tear aspect in mind. This printing method is typically for long-term use, so it’s essential that the entire sign is durable and can withstand potential damage caused by factors like weather.

The Printing Process is Quick and Efficient

If you think about how long it typically takes to print numerous sheets of graphics, large format printing is a pretty speedy process! Since the manufacturer will only be printing one big graphic, it saves time on the printing procedure and you’ll receive your design way faster.

Large Format Printing is Eco-Friendly

Provided that one large sheet is used for this printing method (if you’re only printing one banner), there aren’t several pieces of paper or other materials that are going to waste. Smaller designs often require the manufacturer to size materials down, meaning there will be a trash can full of unused paper, vinyl, etc. If you want to reduce your environmental impact, opt for large format prints for your advertising!

Final Thoughts

Large format printing is an incredibly effective printing method that benefits companies more than one realises. If you want a great return on investment, this printing method will likely grant you that.