What is Tension Fabric Printing?

If you’re someone in the design industry, you’ve likely heard of tension fabric printing. This blog will discuss what tension fabric printing is.

As someone in the design business or someone who is simply interested in the various design techniques around, you may have come across a method known as tension fabric printing. You may have heard the term, but what exactly is it?

Tension fabric printing is a cost-effective process of stretching a piece of fabric over a sturdy frame to create eye-catching graphics. Certain fabrics work better than others for tension fabric printing, as durability is key.

I’ll go further in-depth about how tension fabric prints are made and their benefits. Keep reading to learn more about tension fabric printing and other printing techniques!

How Tension Fabric Prints are Made

Tension fabric printing works by having a piece of fabric with a graphic on it, and stretching it to fit snug around a frame. You can get custom-made frames that fit the design of your graphic, making it an excellent printing technique for holding the shape and design of your graphic.

Polyester tends to be the most popular material for tension fabric printing, as it’s durable and keeps the colour printed on it quite well. The fact that polyester holds colour well and is washing machine-friendly makes it one of the most chosen materials for tension fabric printing, and understandably so!

Benefits of Tension Fabric Printing

Tension fabric displays are often used for occasions or events such as exhibitions or launch events. Given that they’re portable, lightweight, and can be washed to keep them looking fresh and new, there are several benefits of tension fabric printing.

Tension Fabric Displays are Cost-Effective

Provided that this design technique allows you to use a range of materials and designs, it gives you the leeway to decide on options that will best suit your budget. Having a cost-effective option for your tension fabric displays is always the best choice, as you don’t want to go beyond your budget!

Tension Fabric Displays Offer a Quick Setup

Having displays that are time and energy-consuming to set up can be quite frustrating for the people establishing the display. Luckily, tension fabric displays offer a simple setup and dismantle, as most of these displays have interlocking systems that allow them to pop up.

Displays that require a lot of manual setting up expose them to damages that can cost a business a few pennies to repair, and may even result in having to get a new display. However, most tension fabric displays have interlocking systems that allow the graphic to pop up, saving a business on repair expenses.

Tension Fabrics are Durable

The durable and robust nature of tension fabric displays is what keeps businesses coming back to this design technique! A durable display means that you’ll save on unnecessary expenses from everyday wear and tear.

These displays typically use a frame made of aluminium. Aluminium is a fairly strong material and is excellent for holding up the display and keeping it looking new. A long-lasting display is essential for any business that uses them often, and a tension fabric display is certain to last you a considerable time.

Final Thoughts

Tension fabric printing is an excellent printing method, as it uses sturdy materials that can make your graphics long-lasting. Having cost-effective and worthwhile graphics is great for any business, as you won’t have to worry about having to replace your displays every so often!