AGFA Jeti 1224 HDC

The Agfa Jeti 1224 HDC is a High Definition Colour UV flatbed printer. As well as typical materials such as rigid boards, wood, foam-core, corrugated and aluminium composites, the JETI 1224’s superior ink adhesion works on specialist surfaces. It can print your graphics on ceramics, glass and even as lenticular images. In express mode, speeds reach over 1,100 square feet. It’s an incredibly flexible machine.  

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AGFA Jeti 1224 HDC

Thanks to our versatile Agfa Jeti 1224 HDC unit we can deliver flat-bed and roll-fed print jobs from the same machine. It prints on a huge range of non-standard materials at high speeds too.

Print Quality by Design

The Agfa Jeti 1224 HDC is one of the key tools we own and operate in our Stansted facility. Contact us to arrange a visit and experience the Revolution team turning ambitious, creative designs into high-quality expertly finished print work first hand.