Bobis Multi- Applicator Finishing

The Bobis Applicator is part of our high-quality finishing portfolio of products. Using the Bobis Multi-Applicator, we can apply all types of self-adhesive applications across all kinds of substrate materials up to 50mm. Automating the process in this way saves our team, and our clients,  a huge amount of time.

wall signage graphics
wall signage graphics

Bobis Multi-Applicator

Thanks to our Bobis Multi-Applicator we can apply all types of self-adhesive applications to a wide variety of banners, signs, posters and other designs. We can make plastic and glass substrates easy to install too.

Print Quality by Design

The Bobis Multi-Applicator is one of the key tools we own and operate in our Stansted facility. Contact us to arrange a visit and experience the Revolution team turning ambitious, creative designs into high-quality expertly finished print work first hand.