Kala Arkane Laminator

The Kala Arkane 1650 is a high quality, high-speed hybrid laminator with a top heat-assisted roller that reaches 140 °C.  It can mount material up to 50mm thick at speeds of up to 21 feet per minute.  It’s a highly versatile, high-capacity machine that we have always been able to count on. 

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banner printing near me

Kala Arkane 1650

Thanks to the capacity and versatility of our Kala Arkane 1550 laminator we can laminate our print work and protect our quality finishes with unrivalled speed and efficiency.

Print Quality by Design

The Kala Arkane 1650 is one of the key tools we own and operate in our Stansted facility. Contact us to arrange a visit and experience the Revolution team turning ambitious, creative designs into high-quality expertly finished print work first hand.